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Tension Headaches vs Migraines

Sometimes a headache is not just a headache. When they become more serious or more severe, headaches can be classified as either a tension headache or a migraine. While many people think they are prone to migraines they may actually have tension headaches instead. There are a lot of similarities between the two of these but a lot of differences as well. In either case, chiropractic care can help to stop the pain of a headache and may also help to lessen the number of headaches that are suffered through each week or month. If you are having a lot of headaches you may need to seek a chiropractor Long Beach MS.

Tension Headaches

The most common type of severe headache is the tension headache. Caused by stress which makes the muscles of the shoulder and neck tense up, these can feel like a tight belt or a clamp around the head or may focus on a single area, typically in the front near the forehead or on the side of the head. No matter where the location of the pain, it is described as mostly pressure that is constant rather than intermittent. It may be eased by some analgesics but they rarely go away with just medicine. Until the source of the pain is removed it will continue. That means until the tension is relieved the headache will probably go on.


Like tension headaches, migraines can be located all over or centralized in one place. The key difference between the two is the sensation of the pain. With a migraine the pain is typically described as throbbing rather than constant. The pain may also feel sharper. Migraines may also cause a number of other symptoms including nausea, sensitivity to light, sound or smells. People who have migraines may have what is called an aura just before the pain begins. This can be a flash of light or color or a certain smell. Auras do not always happen before every migraine even for people that have them.

How a Chiropractor Can Help

One of the benefits of chiropractic care is the manipulation of the spine. If the chiropractor focuses on the area of the neck near the back of the head the tension will be relieved and the risk of tension headaches should be minimized. Continued chiropractic care will help you to keep your tension levels down and hopefully will keep you mostly headache free.

The spinal manipulation addresses not just recurring headaches but other issues in your body. Seeing a chiropractor Long Beach MS will help you get relief now and help you to lessen the headaches you have in the future.

Benefits of Chiropractic Care

Benefits of Chiropractic Care
Before visiting your local chiropractor in Long Beach MS, you may be wondering what chiropractic care can do for you and how it benefits your body. While many people still don’t see the overall need for this type of medical care, it can be incredibly advantageous and beneficial to individuals who are suffering from aches, pains and other ailments.

Powerful Relief of Pain 
Whether you have a desk job where you are sitting for hours a day or you have an incredibly demanding occupation, pain affects millions of people nationwide. Living with pain can be difficult and frustrating, but chiropractic care can help to ease the pressure and pain off of joints so that you are able to live a relatively pain-free life.

Specific Treatment at the Source 
With pain pills and medication, you are taking something that might not target the pain directly at its source. The relief you get from medication may be short-lived and may only dull the pain and pressure that you’re experiencing. When visiting your local professional, they are able to deal with the pain at the source and provide honed-in treatment specific to where you’re suffering.

No Pain Meds Involved 
Chiropractic care is medication-free, which is crucial in a time when pain medications are overly addictive and problematic for many individuals. In fact, most people are able to get off of their addictive pain medications after visiting their local chiropractor.

Personalized Treatment 
Visiting your chiropractor is like visiting an old friend. They know your body and the pains that you’ve experienced in the past. Because of this, they are able to tailor a personalized treatment to fit your needs well and to help you with just about any condition that you’re struggling with right now.

Relaxation and Relief 
Chiropractic care might seem a bit strange to those who have never had it done, but it is an incredibly relaxing and rejuvenating experience. You will come away from the office feeling highly relieved of any pain, soreness or tenderness that you felt and ready to take on the world. This is why many people go to their chiropractor despite what type of occupation or lifestyle they might have.

Safe and Effective 
There are very few side effects from having routine chiropractic care done, which is better than most other pain treatments that seem to be available. Plus, most people who go for this type of treatment find it to be incredibly effective at getting them back on their feet and feeling their best.

To begin the process of chiropractic care, you will want to schedule an appointment with your local chiropractor in Long Beach MS. They can schedule an appointment for you and have you come in for a consultation. For your first appointment, you will discuss your pains, problems and ailments with the doctor who will then create a specialized and personalized treatment plan just for you. Many insurance companies will also now cover the costs of chiropractic care, so it’s worth looking into if you need an alternative method to pain relief.

Treating Lower Back Pain

What Are the Different Types Of Back Pain?

If you have lower back pain, then it makes daily living difficult because the discomfort in your back can radiate upward into your neck and downward into your hips. There are different types of lower back pain, including:

• Chronic pain
• Intermittent pain
• Radiating pain
• Internal pain

Lower back pain management is essential so that you can return to normal daily living patterns. Rather than focusing on one type of treatment, you may need to have several types of therapies and medications. In addition to visiting a physician or surgeon for your discomfort, you can visit a back pain chiropractor specialist who can help you to feel better. A chiropractor in Gulfport MS will understand the anatomy of your back and is able to provide an assortment of treatments to improve your condition.

What Can Cause Intermittent or Chronic Lower Back Pain?

First, it is vital to understand the different causes of back pain to plan your treatments. Here are some of the causes for pain in the back:

• Poor posture while standing, sitting or walking
• Abnormal spinal curvatures present at birth or caused by medical problems
• Muscle tension from mental anxiety
• Poor muscle tone from inactivity
• Spinal stenosis that leads to pinched nerves in the spinal column
• Sciatica caused by nerve problems in the legs and lower body
• Disk injury or deterioration from accidents and aging
• Muscle strains from too much physical activity
• Osteoporosis that causes a loss of bone tissue
• Arthritis caused by infection, aging or genetics
• Excessive weight in the abdominal region
• Internal problems such as a kidney or bladder infection
• Cancerous conditions in the lower body

It is possible to have one or more conditions that are affecting your back, and lower back pain management requires treating each problem so that you have less discomfort.

How Can a Chiropractor Help You Manage Lower Back Pain?

A chiropractor in Gulfport MS can help you with lower back pain management. A back pain chiropractor can provide an assortment of treatments so that you have additional physical mobility and less discomfort. Some of the treatments offered by chiropractors include:

• Heat therapies
• Gonstead technique
• Activator methods
• Diversified technique
• Exercise programs
• Physical therapies
• Nutritional plans
• Posture training
• Lifestyle modifications
• Massaging techniques
• Cranial techniques
• Ice or cold therapies
• Logan basic

Chiropractors can use over 200 treatment techniques to reduce your lower back pain, and many of the treatment plans have overlapping methodologies. A back pain chiropractor might use his hands or specialized tools to treat your back’s components.

How Do You Choose a Treatment Plan To Reduce Lower Back Pain?

When you visit a chiropractor in Gulfport MS, the expert will collect the information from other physicians or surgeons. He will look at X-rays and other medical images to understand what is wrong with your lower back. After a physical examination that might include watching how you walk and sit, the chiropractor will talk to you about the best treatments for your back problem.

Proper Way to Ice an Injury

Proper Ways To Apply Ice To An Injury (RICE)
Physical injuries, while common, should be taken very seriously. Even the smallest injury, if not properly treated, can become a serious health issue. Taking this into consideration, once you’ve experienced any type of injury, the first thing you should do is remember RICE. RICE stands for rest, ice, compression, and elevate.

1. R – Rest

If an injury occurs during an exercise routine or a sporting event, do not hesitate to stop what you’re doing to take a rest. A sports injury should not be dismissed easily, so when one occurs, you should seek assistance from a professional pain specialist. You can find one by searching for “acute pain long beach ms” in your internet search engine.

If you’re on your own during an exercise routine, immediately stop your exercise routine to rest your injured body part. If the pain subsides, finish your exercise routine at a slower, gentler pace. If you receive an injury doing any other activity, take a break immediately to rest the injured body part. Regardless of how you acquired your injury, begin step 2 as soon as possible.

2. I – Ice

Ice can work wonders on sore or injured muscles if applied properly. In order for an ice compress to provide maximum healing to your injured muscle or joint, it must be applied as soon as possible. Ice can provide relief to an injured muscle or joint in two ways. First, ice will reduce blood flow to the injured area which will reduce swelling and inflammation. Secondly, the cold temperature of the ice will numb the nerve endings within the injured area to provide you with temporary pain relief.

Never put an ice pack on your bare skin. Always wrap it in a towel or cloth first. Apply the covered ice pack three times a day for 10-20 minutes per session. Do this every day for 2-3 days until the swelling subsides. Once the swelling is reduced, apply a heat pack to treat the pain. If a cold compress and a heat pack aren’t helping to remedy your injury, consider seeking help from professional pain relief specialists by searching for “pain relief long beach ms” in your internet search engine.

3. C – Compress

In between using cold compresses and heat packs, be sure to keep your injured area wrapped in a compression bandage. Compression bandages help to further reduce the swelling and inflammation to expedite healing and provide relief from the pain. Don’t wrap your injured area too tightly. Increased pain, tingling, and numbness are signs that the bandage is too tight and requires loosening. If the pain lasts longer than three days, consult a doctor or local pain specialist. You can find one by searching for “pain relief long beach ms” in your search engine.

4. E – Elevate

Keeping the injured body part elevated is essential to the healing process. Whenever you’re resting or using a cold compress, elevate the injured area up to the level of your heart. This will help to further reduce swelling.

If following these four steps doesn’t help to ease the pain of your injury or the swelling, you should see your physician or a pain specialist. You can find one by searching “acute pain long beach ms” in your search engine.

Types of Headaches & How Chiropractors Can Help

Everyone experiences a migraine at least once in a lifetime. For some people, they have recurring episodes of neck and head pain that affect their daily lives. If you suffer from frequent headaches, it’s important that you know about the main causes. Then, find chiropractors who have developed treatments to resolve this problem.

Primary Headaches

Migraines usually develop on one side of the head and cause pain that’s more intense than typical headaches. Sometimes, the pain is so intense that living a normal life is difficult or impossible. This headache may be accompanied by vomiting, nausea and an aura. Without treatment, a migraine lasts for several hours or days.

Tension-type headaches are mainly caused by long periods of mental stress or sleep deprivation. The most common symptom is the feeling that the head is being placed under a heavy weight. The pain can start in any part of the neck or head.

Cluster headaches attack in clusters on one side of the head and usually near the eye. Additional symptoms include swelling, eye reddening and sinusitis. These headaches are short lived, but the series of attacks go on for several weeks or months.

Secondary Headaches

Secondary headaches are primarily caused by diseases or accidents. In car accidents, some people suffer from trauma to the head or neck that causes headaches. People who suffer from brain disorders, such as strokes, haemorrhages and central nervous system disorders, may develop headaches as side effects. Other types of headaches are caused by infections like bacterial meningitis or encephalitis. The abuse of substances, such as caffeine or opioids, and the withdrawals are additional causes.

Help from Chiropractors

Chiropractors focus on fixing disorders that affect muscles and the nervous system. They are trained to reduce the muscle strain, located in the neck, back or spine, that is a common cause of headaches. Reducing pain and tension in these parts of the body are known to reduce the occurrences of headaches. Chiropractors also teach people how to practice certain exercises and relaxation methods.

Common migraine relief Long Beach MS treatments usually include the use of medication or physical therapy, which lasts for several weeks or months. Some doctors recommend spinal manipulation to straighten the spine and improve back posture. The risks of these procedures are low, but only professionals should perform them and monitor the long-term results.

People with recurrent headaches must learn about the causes behind the constant neck and head pain. Chiropractors are trained to help people live their lives as normally as possible. No chiropractic treatment is known to cause dramatic, overnight cures, but studies have shown efficiency for most treatments. Look for migraine relief Long Beach MS providers who create a variety of individualized treatment plans for their clients.

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