Everyone experiences a migraine at least once in a lifetime. For some people, they have recurring episodes of neck and head pain that affect their daily lives. If you suffer from frequent headaches, it’s important that you know about the main causes. Then, find chiropractors who have developed treatments to resolve this problem.

Primary Headaches

Migraines usually develop on one side of the head and cause pain that’s more intense than typical headaches. Sometimes, the pain is so intense that living a normal life is difficult or impossible. This headache may be accompanied by vomiting, nausea and an aura. Without treatment, a migraine lasts for several hours or days.

Tension-type headaches are mainly caused by long periods of mental stress or sleep deprivation. The most common symptom is the feeling that the head is being placed under a heavy weight. The pain can start in any part of the neck or head.

Cluster headaches attack in clusters on one side of the head and usually near the eye. Additional symptoms include swelling, eye reddening and sinusitis. These headaches are short lived, but the series of attacks go on for several weeks or months.

Secondary Headaches

Secondary headaches are primarily caused by diseases or accidents. In car accidents, some people suffer from trauma to the head or neck that causes headaches. People who suffer from brain disorders, such as strokes, hemorrhages and central nervous system disorders, may develop headaches as side effects. Other types of headaches are caused by infections like bacterial meningitis or encephalitis. The abuse of substances, such as caffeine or opioids, and the withdrawals are additional causes.

Help from Chiropractors

Chiropractors focus on fixing disorders that affect muscles and the nervous system. They are trained to reduce the muscle strain, located in the neck, back or spine, that is a common cause of headaches. Reducing pain and tension in these parts of the body are known to reduce the occurrences of headaches. Chiropractors also teach people how to practice certain exercises and relaxation methods.

Common migraine relief Long Beach MS treatments usually include the use of medication or physical therapy, which lasts for several weeks or months. Some doctors recommend spinal manipulation to straighten the spine and improve back posture. The risks of these procedures are low, but only professionals should perform them and monitor the long-term results.

People with recurrent headaches must learn about the causes behind the constant neck and head pain. Chiropractors are trained to help people live their lives as normally as possible. No chiropractic treatment is known to cause dramatic, overnight cures, but studies have shown efficiency for most treatments. Look for migraine relief Long Beach MS providers who create a variety of individualized treatment plans for their clients.